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vigneti storici


The principle of variety

Indigenous biodiversity

Here, between the Grave and the Eastern Hills, we at Le Due Torri cultivate biodiversity. Lapped by the Torre torrent, four hectares of natural wood embrace our vineyards, creating a unique microclimate, and constitute an oasis of indigenous biodiversity. Sixteen varieties of vitis vinifera live there, seven of which are indigenous varieties.

Guardians of a long history

Historic vineyards

We take care of our historic vineyards with the utmost care: one dates back to the 1920s of the last century, the other was planted in the 1960s. It is the same care and dedication that we reserve for all our vineyards, to ensure a long life: because the old vines give a better wine.


L e D u e T o r r i , T r a d i z i o n e r i f o n d a t a

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vigneti storici

Doing by hand to do well

Here, at Le Due Torri, making wine means doing it with passion, feeling and with the meticulous care of the craftsman. From the grape harvest to the winemaking processes, manual skills are central to our production processes: as the fathers taught us, but with the conscience and science of modern enology – because what we want is to reinvigorate and renew a tradition of making wine which we deeply respect.

We harvest exclusively by hand.



Winemaker by choice and passion

Ermanno Maniero

After ten years spent at sea as chief engineer and subsea engineer, Ermanno decided to get back into the game, becoming part of the wine entrepreneurs: respecting the history of a world that has always fascinated him, but without the fear of change and experience the new. At the heart of the project, two clear and strong principles: reflect modernity, referring to tradition; be international, but with solid roots in the territory.


L e D u e T o r r i , T r a d i z i o n e r i f o n d a t a

Cellar and vineyards

Where we are

# 1 winery and company headquarters
# 2 “Monte San Biagio” vineyard Very steep terraced hillside vineyard. Planting year 1970. Panoramic vineyard with South-East exposure. Main varieties: Picolit, Verduzzo, Friulano, Cabernet and Merlot. Soil typical of the eastern hills: Flysh marly-arenaceous: this type of soil of Eocene origin distinguishes all the hilly profiles of the denomination and consists of an alternation of marl (clays) and sandstone (sands). Locally this land is called “Ponca”.
# 3 Vineyard in the “Bolzano” district Vineyard in the valley from 1966. Typical structure of the time with 3400 vines per hectare and numerous trees in the rows. Main varieties: pinot grigio, Refosco P.R. and Franconia. Located near the Natisone river, soil made up of alluvial deposits with a high presence of skeleton. The rows are placed at a turn and follow the natural slope of the plot.
# 4 Torre vineyard and apiary. Vineyard located near the Torre torrent. Planting year from 1991 to 2005. Soil consisting of alluvial deposits and skeleton such as # 3. Vineyard located on a plateau with north-south rows. Multiple varieties inside including Tazzelenghe, Friulano, Ribolla giallo, Malvasia and Pinot Grigio. The planting pattern varies from 4500 to 6500 plants / ha.
# 5 Historic Villa Garzolini vineyard Among the few historic vineyards in the region (less than 15) dating back to 1926. Being located within the private park (Broilo) of Villa Garzolina, it is surrounded by a high wall. Inside are the traditional varieties for the time: the indigenous Verduzzo and Friulano and the international Merlot. Also in this case the soil is of alluvial origin but less recent, with a higher presence of clay. Sixth of the canonical plant of the time with 3500 plants per hectare
# 6 Vineyard of the furnaces Vineyard located in the northernmost part of the area. Vineyard planted in 2005-2018 and characterized by the unusual (for Friuli) retouching of the rows that make it very scenographic. The varieties present are Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Schioppettino, Ribolla and Refosco. Sixth of a modern plant with 6500 vines / ha. The soil is mainly marly-arenaceous Flysh for the south-facing plots and alluvial for those immediately below.

Stories to share In front of a good glass

Book a tasting in the cellar. From vineyards to wine there are stories to share in front of a glass of Friulano or our Rosso Riserva. The history of the wines of Le Due Torri, from the selection of the grapes carefully picked by hand to the refinement in steel or wood; and the story of Ermanno, who has chosen to abandon the sea for the vineyards in Friuli, but with his eyes still wide open on the world, beyond the boundaries of traditions. You are welcome. Prosit!

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